Sunday, June 10, 2007

Other Sad Passings

Hello Everyone,

I hate to be the bearer of further bad tidings, but in learning about Melanie's death, we found out that Tiffany Ann Francis passed away on July 4th of 2002. When I inquired to her sister Melissa about what happened, she wrote back saying that Tiffany had been in poor health for quite a while and eventually died of pneumonia.

Faculty member Steve Mussack also passed away quite recently. From what I was told, he was on a hike with some students and suffered a heart attack.

With the anniversary of Tiffany's death approaching and Mr. Mussack's recent death, please keep these people's families and friends in your thoughts.


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Debbie Vaughn said...

This is shocking to me about Tiffany. I knew this family when they were young girls still in school. Their mother was a very close friend of mine and I've been searching for her for years. We lost touch about 12 years ago. If you have any contact information for Melissa or her parents, would you please email me: Their mom knew me as Debbie Brass. Thank you so much.