Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rob Lefebvre - Jim Davis hates you

Yes Rob, Jim Davis, the actual originator of Garfield has taken personal offense to your comparison. I, however, appreciate your memory which probably makes me better than I really was. Hey, my ego enjoys being inflated like everyone elses.

I am trying not to play favorites, but I am going to induldge just a little and say you are one of the people who has popped into my head over the years. You were a great guy and obviously continue to be. Plus, to this day I still don't see how you get "Le-Fay" (phoenetically) out of "Lefebvre". Its just too damn many non "Y" sounding letters in a row.

Along with many others, I am sorry you will not be attending. But I am glad you are well, with a nice family, and I am definitely going to contact you personally.

Be well.

Anthony Butler

P.S. I left out the "nick name" intentionally. This is from Anthony the person, not the schtick.

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Rob said...

Anthony, you rock. I've been diagnosed with a terminal case of consonants in my name, with no hope of repreive. The prognosis is bad.

Also, since I"m so in touch wiht my feminine side, I thought I'd add a new nickname, given to me by a paraprofessional in Tok, Alaska: Rob LeFairy.

I really don't know WHERE that came from. ;)